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20+ Live Bluegill Fish, Bream, Sun Fish (MEDIUM) GUARANTEE ALIVE

20+ Live Bluegill Fish, Bream, Sun Fish (MEDIUM) GUARANTEE ALIVE

Bluegill 20+ (Medium) Email for any Questions

-NOTE- Shipping/Delivery will Arrive much earlier then what is Projected

- Guarantee Alive

- Shipping UPSP 2-Day (Mon-Wed)

- Fish will be packed with ice packets (Summer) and liquefied oxygen.

-Medium will Average 2.5in

Great for aquaponics, aquariums and small ornamental ponds

Get ready for a delightful addition to your freshwater aquarium or Pond with these medium-sized live Bluegill Fish, Bream, Sun Fish. These fish are perfect for those who love to watch their fish swim in a moderate temperament and live in cold water and hot. With a guarantee that they will arrive alive and free shipping, you can enjoy these beautiful fish without any worries. Experience the joy of watching these fish thrive in their new home. Whether you're a seasoned aquarium enthusiast or a beginner, these Live Bluegill Fish, Bream, Sun Fish are sure to add color and life to your aquarium. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a breeding pair of these freshwater favorites to your collection.

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